Book Talk “The Real Cost of Fracking”

9780807084939Join authors Michelle Bamberger & Robert Oswald for a discussion about their new book “The Real Cost of Fracking: How America’s Shale Gas Boom Is Threatening Our families, Pets and Food”, at Buffalo Street Books on Tuesday Aug. 26 at 6 pm. We hope you can join the conversation.

Buffalo Street Books

215 N Cayuga St, Ithaca, NY 14850




A primer on unconventional fossil fuel extraction, with convincing evidence as to its deleterious nature, from veterinarian Bamberger and Oswald (Molecular Medicine/Cornell Univ.).

Two significant questions loom over this study: “[W]hat degree of risk and environmental degradation are acceptable to obtain [fossil fuel] energy? Who should be asked to sacrifice, and who should profit?” At issue here is the contested practice of fracking, the hydraulic shattering of shale to extract trapped energy through the administration of chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic and have mutation and endocrine disruptor issues. The authors are not only lucid writers on scientific topics—the appendix on gas drilling should be required reading on the subject—but also warm storytellers, despite the contentious subject matter. They believe the burden of proof should not rest on the victim but on the company wishing to deploy fracking. Since that is not the case, they took to the field to document instances of what appear to be serious air, water and soil pollution caused by the fracking process. The stories of people who have experienced what they believe will be fracking’s poisonous legacy are poignant, as they often involve animals and children, often the proverbial canaries in the coal mine: “Because of their higher metabolic rates and immature neurological and detoxifying systems, children are at higher risk of developing adverse health effects from environmental hazards, including those from nearby industrial operations.” However, the trail between fracking’s spoils and health issues is often thwarted by the absence of testing evidence, which most owners do not conduct prior to drilling, typically due to its high cost. Still, the authors “believe that the sudden deaths of farm animals following exposure to hydraulic fracturing fluid provides a clear link between gas drilling operations and health impacts.”

In this cool, disarming and persuasive indictment of fracking’s widespread negative consequences, the authors provide an important addition to an ongoing debate.

Rally Outside Cuomo’s Appearance at the NYS Fair!

Rally Outside Cuomo’s Appearance at the NYS Fair!
Thursday, August 21, 11am-3pm

No Fracking! Yes Renewable Energy!

Protect NY Farms, Agriculture and Tourism

The campaign to ban fracking is kicking into even higher gear! Governor Cuomo is ramping up his events and appearances across the state this summer. We’ve rallied outside of his many appearances all across the state, and the NYS Fair is one of the most important opportunities we have. Every year, Governor Cuomo attends the first day of the great New York State Fair – as the day is coined, “Governors Day” – and every year we rally outside his appearance to make our voices heard. Let’s make this year’s rally even bigger! We are calling on hundreds of people from all corners of upstate NY to join us this year.

The Fair is a prime opportunity to send a message to Governor Cuomo that the movement calling for a statewide ban on fracking is strong and growing. The New York Fair is also an opportunity to talk about protecting farming, agriculture, wineries, breweries and tourism – the fabric of New York’s economy.

Join us on Thursday, August 21st from 11am to 3pm outside the NY State Fair Main entrance to rally with hundreds of New Yorkers against fracking from across the state. We’ll stand together to say no to fracking and yes to a renewable energy economy that protects our most vital resources, public health and agriculture.

What: Rally to Ban Fracking and Protect NY Farms, Agriculture and Tourism with a swift transition to Renewable Energy- Outside Governor Cuomo’s Appearance on “Governor’s Day” at The Great New York State Fair!

When: Thursday, August 21st 11AM- 3PM, Press Conference and Speakers/Performers at 12:30

Where: New York State Fairgrounds, Main Gate, 581 State Fair Boulevard, Syracuse, NY 13209

Sign up here: or below for specific buses and regions.

Co-sponsored by New Yorkers Against Fracking, Frack Action, Food & Water Watch, Catskill Mountainkeeper, NOFA NY, NYPIRG, Alliance for a Green Economy, Citizen Action NY, R-CAUSE, WNY Drilling Defense, Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, Shaleshock CNY, the Syracuse Peace Council and more to be announced

Solar Tompkins Community Meeting


Think solar is too expensive? Think again!

Come learn about ways you can reduce your power bills and do something good
for the planet at the same time with Solar Tompkins. Both purchase and
no-money-down lease options are available; all you need is a sunny roof!

*Family-Friendly: Childcare and pizza will be provided*

Date: Wednesday, 7/16/14
Time:5:30 – 7:30 pm
Place:GIAC, 301 W. Court St., Ithaca

Solar Tompkins?

Solar Tompkins is a county-wide community effort to double the total amount of
electricity generated by the sun in Tompkins County by helping 300+
homes go solar. The program enrollment period runs through July and offers lower-than-market solar pricing, free information sessions, and a simple process. Two local installers, Renovus and Taitem/ETM, and one regional installer, Astrum, were pre-approved, making it easier to purchase or lease a solar system.

Why Go Solar?

* $$$: Save thousands of dollars over the life of the system.
* Environment: Reduce your energy use by 20% and help create a healthier environment for all.
* Local Jobs: The chosen installers pay living wage rates to their employees and most are locally owned.

Will Solar Work for You?

* You have to own your home (or encourage your landlord to do this)
* You have to have a sunny roof (the contractors will determine this on their free site assessment)
* To qualify for the leasing option you have to have a FICO credit score of 680-700
* If purchasing, to qualify for a big chunk of the discount on the price,
you have to have a tax liability. Roughly speaking, you need to be
making over $20,000 if you’re single and over $43,000 for a married
household with two children.

Learn More?
There are 40 (!) community meetings and solar tours being held in all parts of Tompkins County in June and July. At the
community meetings you can meet all three installers and sign up. You
can also enroll online. Upcoming community events include:

* July 9, 2014 – City of Ithaca Community Meeting, The Space at GreenStar (700 W. Buffalo St.), 7-9pm
* July 10, 2014 – Caroline Community Meeting, Speedsville Community Center, 7-9 pm
* July 12, 2014 – Enfield Community Meeting, Enfield Valley Grange (178 Enfield Main Road), 10am-Noon
* July 15, 2014 – Ulysses Community Meeting, Franziska Racker Center (3226 Wilkins Road), 7-9 pm
* July 16, 2014 City of Ithaca Community Meeting, GIAC (301 W Court St), 5:30-7:30pm (family-friendly, childcare provided)
* July 17, 2014 – Newfield Community Meeting, Newfield Fire Hall, 7-9 pm
* July 29, 2014 – Final Community Meeting, Tompkins County Public Library (101 East Green St), 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Got Questions?
* Check out the answers to these Solar FAQ

Solar FAQ
© 2014 Solar Tompkins

View on

Owego Rally to tell Astorino NO FRACKING!

Owego Rally to tell Astorino/#GAStorino NO FRACKING!
I write to inform of another opportunity to pressure Rob Astorino on his anti-science ( position on fracking. On July 15, he will visit Hickories Park in Owego Owego for the express purpose of promoting fracking.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has been actively touting the oil and gas industry’s lies and propaganda about fracking all across New York State and in the media.
On Tuesday, July 15th, Astorino is holding an event to “tell us [the Joint Landowners Coalition] about their campaign strategy and plans for developing NY’s vast Natural Gas resources” in Owego, and it’s an important opportunity for us to rally outside of it to break through his misinformation and lies about fracking with the science and facts. Astorino would like to sacrifice those of us in the Southern Tier to fracking, blatantly disregarding the science showing that fracking would poison our water and harm the health of our families.

As he gets more and more attention, we can’t let Astorino go unchallenged with New Yorkers and in the news as he continues to tout grossly exaggerated job estimates from fracking and falsely claim the process is safe and beneficial. Because of his growing role as gas industry shill, we have coined the name and Twitter hashtag #Gastorino. If you can’t make it to the rally, join us on social media as we give #Gastorino the facts on fracking. Tweet it:

WHEN: Tuesday, July 15 from 6pm-7pm
WHERE: 359 Hickories Park Road in Owego
WHAT: Rally with signs, banners, chants and informational handouts.
WHO: Save The Southern Tier, New Yorkers, Citizen Action of New York, and more.
WEATHER: We’ll be outside, so wear appropriate clothing.
Facebook Event:

Regional Rally: Save Seneca Lake from LPG Storage!

Come let your voice be heard! The Schuyler Legislature passed a resolution by a narrow vote to support Crestwood’s expansion of their underground gas storage on the shores of Seneca Lake, despite the ongoing LOUD opposition by residents and business owners.

This rally is to make it absolutely clear that Crestwood should NOT be allowed to continue to bring the trucks, trains, pollution and possible disaster to beautiful Seneca Lake.

This is a disaster waiting to happen, and we need each one of you in all the adjoining counties on the lake to speak up by showing up! It will take all of us to overturn this dreadful decision.

Rally to Repeal the Resolution!
Monday, July 14
Rally begins at 5 p.m. at the Village Marina on the shores of Seneca Lake

Bring your own sign or plenty will be provided! Let’s tell the Legislature DON’T INDUSTRIALIZE SENECA LAKE!

Bring your friends! Share widely! Let your presence make a statement.

Visit the facebook event for more info and to share!


A message from Sandra Steingraber

Dear friends,

The gas industry plan to
import and store fracked gases (methane, butane, propane) in abandoned
salt mines along the shores of Seneca Lake might sound incredulous, but
it is real and it is gaining momentum.

So is the fight against it.

Seneca Lake is a source of
drinking water for 100,000 people.  It’s also the Lake Trout capital of
the world, and the vast amout of water that it holds creates its own
microclimate—which, in turn, creates the ecological conditions that make our state’s $3 billion wine industry possible.

Thus, we ALL have a stake in
preventing the lake’s transformation into a gas station outfitted with
flare stacks, compressor stations, pipelines, and brine pits, and
serviced by gas trains and fleets and fleets of trucks hauling explosive materials.

And, thus, we Finger Lakes residents invite all New Yorkers to join us in Watkins Glen on Monday July 14 for a regional rally to save Seneca Lake from LPG storage.

We will soon share carpool
sign-up plans, so stay tuned. Or, for those who can, consider spending a long weekend fishing, sailing, and wine-tasting in the Finger
Lakes…and close it out with act of solidarity.

Here follow more details, along with an op-ed commentary by Margie Rodgers and me, published in today’s Ithaca Journal and Elmira Star Gazette.  (On-line comments and letters to the editor are always a good idea.)



Visit the facebook event for more info and to share.

Ithaca Journal:

Elimira Star Gazette:

Guest Viewpoint: Don’t allow fracked gas storage at Seneca Lake

Shale Game – The Movie

A message from Jeff & Jodi, the filmmakers of All Fracked Up.

Here is “Shale Game” our last antifrack film to round out our trilogy of films: All Fracked UP, All Fracked UP 2 (Water Isn’t Water Anymore) , and now Shale Game.

Shale Game is available to watch for free at:

We tried our very best fighting frack over the years hosting NY No Frack Summit, a direct action non-violent training camp called Camp OFF, and EPIC NO FRACK EVENT which as far as we know was the largest American anti-frack event with 48 speakers from as far away as South Africa, most of the top anti-frack filmmakers, and 6 musicians/bands. We have given away 5000 copies of our films and All Fracked UP 2 was chosen over Gasland by the largest South African Ranchers Cooperative which made 3000 copies and we don’t charge anyone for making as many copies as they like.

Well, we started out All Fracked UP and ended up All Fracked OUT! Hahaa. So this is our last anti-frack film.
Shale Game is available to watch for FREE or download for FREE including a printer friendly film jacket at Soon all our films will be available for FREE watching and downloading at, which is still under construction.
Please consider visiting the greenest farm/craft market in NY called which we are developing and is on the west side of Keuka Lake along with all the wineries.

To contact us: Jeff Andrysick, 8383 Gallagher Rd., Hammondsport, NY 14840 or

Public Forum about Cayuga Power Plant


Free Public Forum

Monday June 30, 7PM, Unitarian Church, Ithaca

CLEARING THE AIR: The Cayuga Power Plant and Alternatives for Local Development

A Public Forum to Discuss the Impacts of Repowering the Cayuga Power Plant,
and Economic Development Alternatives

The New York Public Service Commission is currently considering a $100 million proposal to convert the coal-burning Cayuga Operating Plant, on the shores of Cayuga Lake in Lansing, NY, into a natural gas burning facility. The decision to re-power the Cayuga Plant would lock Central New York into expanded use of natural gas, much of which would come from hydrofracking in the Northeast, and is not needed to provide reliable electricity to the region. The least expensive option is to upgrade the transmission lines in the Auburn area and to allow the Cayuga plant to close.

The forum will ?clear the air? for NYSEG ratepayers – who will be required to pay for the conversion – by discussing the real impacts of repowering, clarifying misconceptions, and proposing alternatives to re-powering that would lead to a healthier, more resilient economy and community for all involved.

Clearing the Air: The Cayuga Power Plant and Alternatives for Local Development? public forum.

Irene Weiser, Councilmember, Town of Caroline and Co-Coordinator of the Ratepayers and Community Intervenors group, which opposes the repowering proposal;
Brice Smith, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chair of Physics at SUNY Cortland, former senior scientist at the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. His work has focused on renewable and sustainable energy systems for over a decade.

Monday June 30, 7pm – 9pm

Unitarian Church, 306 N. Aurora St, Ithaca, NY